Why Solar Energy
There is an overwhelming business case to be made for developing and investing in green power generation – particularly solar photovoltaic energy generation.

Reducing Risk
Investing in solar photovoltaic energy reduces climate-related risk and dependence on fossil fuels. It also reduces financial risk due to rising utility costs.

Solar photovoltaic energy creates a barrier against rising utility costs by offering predictable pricing. A typical power purchase agreement or net metering credit agreement offers a price at a discount to the current cost of grid electricity, with an escalation rate well below the anticipated rise in utility costs. As the years go by, your savings grow.

Positive Environmental Impact
Solar photovoltaic energy systems are safe and environmentally friendly. A standard solar photovoltaic module will regenerate the energy used in its manufacturing process in less than three years. And unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is abundantly available and emissions-free. In addition, solar photovoltaic systems produce no noise or air pollution during operation.

Solar photovoltaic energy systems are less dependent on sun resources than wind systems are on wind resources. While the number of sunny days is important for solar system efficiency, it is not a determinant of power generation – just as it’s still possible to get a sunburn on a cloudy day.

With solar photovoltaic energy systems, the only moving part is the sun. Consequently, solar photovoltaic energy systems enjoy lower maintenance costs than wind systems and boast silent operation.

Finally, many of today’s solar photovoltaic panels are sold with 20+ year warranties and the capability of generating power many years beyond that timeframe.

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