Our Services

The foundation of our service model is years of finance, public affairs, and real estate development experience. We leverage that experience to make smart investments in real estate. Our site selection criteria is based on knowledge of solar development requirements and real estate development acumen acquired over 40 years of professional experience. We understand how zoning, land use, and community relations issues affect development projects, and are able to proactively overcome potential obstacles to ensure successful completion.

Southern Sky Renewable Energy builds and operates solar power facilities in two sizes: utility-scale facilities producing ten megawatts of electricity or more, and sub-utility scale facilities producing between five and ten megawatts of electricity.

Our Services
>Selection and acquisition of sites
>Engagement and education of host communities
>Navigation of state and local permitting process
>Design of solar array layout
>Procurement of solar photovoltaic panels and equipment
>Construction of solar photovoltaic facilities
>Analysis of tax credit and incentive options
>Securing financing for solar photovoltaic projects
>Ensuring seamless connection and transmission of power to the grid
>Ongoing operation and maintenance

Financing Options
> Power Purchase Agreement
> Net Metering Credit Agreement

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