About Us
At Southern Sky Renewable Energy, we are committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Our development choices make good business sense and positively impact the communities in which we work.
We choose our team members wisely – because our customers deserve nothing less. Our team is equipped to generate the electricity that our purchasers contract for, assist our investors in managing their climate-related risk, and demonstrate our collective commitment to making smart investments that provide local, regional, and global benefit.
Our tested, trusted development practices ensure that our team achieves success – from conception to production.


Francis X. McMahon, Esq.
An attorney and seasoned public affairs professional, McMahon has developed and implemented community relations programs for several of the region’s utilities, in connection with the siting of major utility projects. He is responsible for Southern Sky Renewable Energy’s site assessment and selection process, community relations and project management.
Ralph A. Palumbo, CPA
A certified public accountant with 25 years of experience, Palumbo’s practice has focused on tax credit incentives, real estate development, and construction. He is an historic and renewable tax credit expert and has a wealth of experience in the financial aspects of real estate development. Palumbo is responsible for Southern Sky Renewable Energy’s financial, tax, and rate management issues.
Michael Harrington
Biography forthcoming.

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